Thank you for your interest in RePixelated’s service. We offer three basic services, in addition to extended services for our design work. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Consultation Only

If you are just looking for opinions on what you need to change, look no further than our Consultation service! We are happy to help you spot issues to address, and we continue our in-house focus on the Mobile Web – the fastest-growing way to view Websites. We do charge a Consultation fee, but if you decide to continue with our Web Design services, we will gladly waive the fee.

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Site Design (and Continuing Service)

Looking to get a new Website, or need a facelift to an existing site? RePixelated is happy to help! Web Design is our specialty, and we will get your site looking modern and fresh, with a focus on making your site Mobile-ready. We have a small portfolio available for you to review our commitment to service and quality.

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App Design (and Continuing Service)

As part of our commitment to quality, we are retooling our App Design services. Our first stage of retooling is complete, so please take a look at what our team can do for you! (Currently Android-only, but rest assured we are working to improve our offering!)

Graphic Design

RePixelated also offers graphic design services under the brand name “Outer Orbital.” The Outer Orbital team is happy to help with new projects, so please take a chance to learn more!


Looking to test your speeds? Head here for a quick recap that provides your Ping, Jitter, Download, and Upload speeds. (Powered by Ookla.)


We know pricing can be a factor in choosing your next contractor. We have provided some estimates here. Please note that we have many discounts available during our own Startup phase, so please feel free to contact us for more information!