[Gene’s Thoughts] An Introduction

Thank you for taking the time to look into RePixelated for your Web Services needs. At this time, we exclusively focus on Web Design, although we do have the means for graphic design as well.

Today I would like to take the time to introduce a new RePixelated blog series titled “Gene’s Thoughts.” This series, which I plan to continue for a long while, doesn’t have much of a focus. If something important in the technologies or attitudes of the Web, then any thoughts I have I will post here. RePixelated will follow in my belief of  a free and open Internet; RePixelated Technologies as a whole will support the same in all of its Service Divisions.

With that little rant, I’ll stop myself there and perhaps create a new entry on the open Internet, and how RePixelated intends to remain a committed supporter of it.

But in the meantime…

Welcome to the RePixelated family!

Owner, RePixelated Technologies
Lead Designer, RePixelated